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Losing Alice 1x8

Losing Alice 1×8

Season finale. The events that ended the filming of Room 209 are revealed as Alice and David prepare for its ...
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Losing Alice 1x7

Losing Alice 1×7

Alice attempts to maintain her professionalism when directing an intense love scene between David and Sophie ...
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Losing Alice 1x6

Losing Alice 1×6

Before filming begins, Alice can't shake her suspicion that Sophie's script is based on actual events she’s trying to hide ...
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Losing Alice 1x5

Losing Alice 1×5

The chemistry between David and Sophie leads to problems at home ...
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Losing Alice 1x4

Losing Alice 1×4

After auditioning actresses for the lead role, Alice believes she’s found the perfect candidate—until Sophie makes a surprising move ...
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Losing Alice 1x3

Losing Alice 1×3

Alice begins work on Sophie’s film, struggling to be heard by the all-male crew and clashing with Sophie over their ...
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Losing Alice 1x2

Losing Alice 1×2

Things get complicated when Sophie asks Alice to direct her script—after its original director disappears—with David set to star ...
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Losing Alice 1x1

Losing Alice 1×1

On a fateful train ride that will change their lives, fading film director Alice meets Sophie, a driven, young screenwriter ...
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The Rookie 3x6

The Rookie 3×6

Officer Nolan’s decision to return to school in order to become a training officer is proving to be much harder ...
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The Rookie 3x5

The Rookie 3×5

Officer Nolan is taken hostage by a man with nothing to lose while the station goes on lockdown and races ...
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